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Movie Information

Release Date: December 11, 2015

Director: Justin Kurzel                

Writer: Jacob Koskoff, Michael Lesslie, Todd Louiso, William Shakespeare (play)

Cast: Jack Madigan, Frank Madigan, Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Paddy Considine, Lochlann Harris, Kayla Fallon, Lynn Kennedy, Seylan Baxter, Amber Rissmann, Scot Greenan, Hilton McRae, David Thewlis, David Hayman, Jack Reynor, Brian Nickels, James Harkness, Ross Anderson, Sean Harris, Scott Dymond, Maurice Roeves, Elizabeth Debicki, Andrew Gourlay, Eleanor Stagg, William Stagg   

MPAA Rating: R

Runtime: 113 minutes

Production Company: See-Saw Films, DMC Film

Genre: Drama, War

Language: English

Country: UK, France, USA

Budget: N/A

From the mind of Shakespeare the story of Macbeth fills the screen. This time Director Justin Kurzel makes an attempt at adapting the book and/or play, and I applaud him for the effort he put forth. The film is filled with an academy nominated cast, so expectations were high in anticipation of greatness. The book laid the hammer down many years ago, but the play was art before my time. Whether you’ve read the book or not, from beginning to end the transition in the film should be smooth. Instead it’s presented as a harsh punishment for a crime you didn’t commit.


Kurzel did a fantastic job with the landscaping shots. I’m not sure if it was movie magic, or miraculous scouting, but the countryside was a marvel to look at. The costumes had vivid detail, and took you back to a lost time. So much passion was put into the wardrobe and makeup, and bled out as if you were literally there. Unfortunately if I tried, there isn’t any other positives to say about the film, other than the moment it was all over.


Besides a few pleasant shots, and nice attire, it was a painful experience from beginning to end. The start of the film had so much promise with an epic war on the battlefield, and knew where to slow down. For some reason my sixth sense kicked in, warning me nothing else productive would come from the remaining duration, and I was regrettably correct. The Shakespearean dialogue didn’t work for the big-screen, or at least not this time around. It was a repeated distraction, and hard to follow, causing your mind to constantly drift away.


This film can be summed up into three words which are, monotone, soulless, and dry. The acting is wooden by some, while simultaneously being over the top by others. Even when heart was put into the performance, it was awkwardly out of place. I’ve never witnessed a film where sex between two lovers, came across as more of a daunting task, than an act of passion, even when both parties wanted to partake. The entirety of the experience was uncomfortable, and an unnecessary waste of time.


It was a shock to see so many people walk out of the theater, and not return. This could be my own personal feelings, but I realized I wasn’t alone after conversing with a number of audience members outside the auditorium. Not only was this film a new definition of boredom, it blatantly attempted to not keep your attention by overcomplicating itself through the dialogue. Even knowing the story beforehand, I wasn’t able to attach myself to any character, plot device, or motivations, and was relieved when I escaped the shackles of my seat. 

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My Rating: 1/10

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