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Movie Information

Release Date: December 22, 2017

Director: Lawrence Sher

Writer: Justin Malen

Cast: Robert Jon Mello, Ed Helms, Retta, Zachary Haven, Mary Grill, Glenn Close, Ann McKenzie, Owen Wilson, Jessica Gomes, Harry Shearer, Sarah Skeist, Jo Helton, Terry Bradshaw, Debra Stipe, Ving Rhames, Hannah Black, Sarah Stipe, Essence Wallace, J.K. Simmons, June Squibb, Robert Pralgo, Niki Davis, Donna Duplantier, Katt Williams, Robert Walker Branchaud, B’nard Lewis, Andrew Wilson, Katie Aselton, Ryan Cartwright, Ryan Gaul, Taylor Treadwell, Jack Mcgee, Jim France, Ali Wong, Christopher Walken

MPAA Rating: R

Runtime: 113 minutes

Production Company: Alcon Entertainment, DMG Entertainment, The Montecito Picture Company, Warner Bros.

Genre: Comedy

Language: English

I don't blame them at all for their curiosity. If I found out I was lied to my entire life about who my father was, I would want to find out too as quickly as I could. So that's what Ed Helms and Owen Wilson decided to do, but the method of their adventure is a ridiculous one that should've never taken place.


While I laughed a few times in the film, I did not care about how it would end. I just wanted it to end. So much could've been avoided from wasting gas, money, and time, but the script never once thought of the common-sense approach about looking for your father. Sure, you'd want the reveal to mean something you could hold on to, but Peter (Ed Helms), and Kyle (Owen Wilson) acted like two fifth graders for the duration of the film.


It was just two men running around scarce begging for some form of approval that they never received before, and not just from their fathers, but anyone in general. It was as if they're characters that never learned a previous lesson, and continued making the same mistakes repeatedly looking for a different outcome which gets tired after a while. After one character escaped an impossible train wreck literally, I was ready to go. It was just a group of guys that no matter what happened had a million lives to spare which eventually ended up being redundant.


While the film is barely fair, it ended on a note that was unexpected but felt real and genuine compared to everything that came before. If it wasn't obvious, then I didn't enjoy the film, and I probably would've had the same sentiments, that the conclusion was the same throughout the entire film, but instead, the majority persists on as an attention seeking crying baby that wasn't realistic in the slightest.

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My Rating: 5/10

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