About Me

A great movie is a great movie, no matter the genre. Give me a valid reason why you like or dislike a film, and you`re cool in my book. I`m Brandon Keith Avery, and thanks for stopping by! Here you can check out my opinion on all the latest films, and see other cool greatness I think is awesome! I`m just a film fan simply put, and if you love movies as much as I do then you’ve reached the right place. I love to converse with others on film in a healthy debate, which can be the highlight of my day. I feel as long as someone has a strong reason for their like or dislike their opinion is justified. 

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Drama, Romance or Science Fiction it doesn`t matter because I love all genres of film. I do have my favorites, but each possesses a little something that holds a special place in my heart. Understand the reviews you read here are just my opinion, and all films are subjective. So if you agree or disagree it’s all good, and leave your opinions in the comment section. So again, welcome to my website where you can view my opinions on all the latest films, and thank you for stopping by. Enjoy!